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COVID-19 updates

On Tuesday 24th March, we closed our door to walk in customer service – Our shop physical space is far too small to allow for social distancing – so we have switched over to email orders only. Simply email your weekly shopping list through to, and we pick, pack, process and phone for payment. From there, you drive in to collect from store. We greet you on front veranda. Make sure to include your contact phone number! We do need to contact you.


Shopping Cart?

We do not have a shopping cart! This is all new for us, but we are adding to the menu list (above tabs) regularly, and I am hoping soon that all stock lines are on there.


How do you want my order to look?

Simply email your ‘shopping list’ through. Try and keep Fruit & Veg together, separate dry goods and groceries, but otherwise, just spend the time writing it down and then pop it in an email. Our phone lines do not have message bank, so phone orders are discouraged: but we understand that not everyone has access to email, so you can phone under that circumstance.


How long does my order take?

Please allow up to 3 days from receipt of order…. Most orders are ready within 2 days, but there maybe some items we are waiting on. If needed, we phone you discuss any outages, offer substitutions, confer on specialty items required (ie GF Bread) and ensure that the whole process runs smoothly.


How will I know prices?

Vegetable & Fruit prices will be emailed weekly. If you wrote your name on the email list or have ordered via email, then you are on that list. Otherwise, please subscribe below. Please assume that no major price rises will take place, and you will be advised if something I think isn’t right. You are provided with a regular till receipt, so any issues, just email me.



If a delivery is required, please email orders through by 12pm on Wednesday. This allows us to ensure all stock is available and priority pack on Friday AM for a Friday afternoon delivery (between 2pm and 5pm). We text you once it’s on your front doorstep.


Please subscribe!

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